Document Digitization Service

Smartest way to scale up productivity and reduce overhead costs!

Convert a large amount of data into digital format

With digitization service, we help you convert a large amount of data into digital format. Any type of documents like text, images, videos are digitized and converted into digital format. Digitizing information makes it easy to store, preserve, manage and share.

Document Digitization Services
Digitization of Documents

Why should you go for document digitization?

  • Easy to store and preserve
  • Easy and quick access
  • Increase information security
  • Easy to manage and share
  • Saves time and one can shift focus to more productive operations
  • Makes data compatible with all type of devices
  • Quick and easy retrieval

Our document digitizing process


Identifying customer needs

At the very beginning of the process, the needs of the customer are understood. The aim here is to understand your requirements for digitizing data.


Collecting and aligning documents

In this process, scattered documents are collected and aligned properly.



At this stage, aligned documents are scanned and saved as an image file.


Digital transferring

Here, image files are converted into text files using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). these are also checked by proofreader before converting in required digital format.


Document indexing

At this stage, documents are saved with detailed file names, so as to have quick and easy retrieval.


Organizing as per customer requirements

According to customer’s requirements documents are organized in separate or combined PDF files.


Document indexing

At last, digitized documents are checked for quality purpose and to rectify errors and then data is burnt into a CD, the packaging is done and delivered to the customer.